What is "Eco Soft Touch" Car Washing?


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‚ÄčTouchless Car Washing has enjoyed a long run, but now it's time to advance into the new world of Ecologically friendly products and processes. There is now a new concept that is much safer for your vehicle and quite frankly does a better job.

My Car Wash career of 60 years is continually based on being at the forefront of my industry and the time has now come into focus for another major change.

Neoglide is a new product that is so soft and friendly to your vehicle finish that I guarantee it would put a smile on your grill if it were possible. Smiles are what our good service is all about and I intend on putting that smile on all my customers face's when they see their car after our"Eco Soft Touch" experience.

I have taken our new Eco-Soft policy very seriously at the Car Wash by using new products in all departments and generally modifying the way we do things everyday.

100% is the number, that is my guarantee to you thatNeoglide will create thatSmile!

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